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Curriculum Vitae
January, 2011

Occidental College, AB Geology, 1953.
UCLA, MA Geology, minors in mathematics and physical science, 1960.
Mid‑Valley College of Law, Juris Doctor, 1976.

Private consultant.

State of California, Registered Geologist No. 270
State of California, Certified Engineering Geologist No. 157
State of California, Certified Hydrogeologist No. 574
State of California, General Secondary and Community College Teaching Credentials
State of California, Water Treatment Plant Operator (II)
FAA Pilot's License

Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists
American Society of Civil Engineers (Affiliate)

WW II Victory Medal
Department of Defense, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Certificate of Appreciation, General Creighton W. Abrams, 24 June 1970

Mr. Michael is a geologist specializing in engineering geology, hydrogeology, and forensic geology.  His earlier professional experi­ence, covering approximately 13 years, includes work with the California Divi­sion of Water Resources, the California Division of Highways, the Monolith Portland Cement Company of Los Angeles, and as a private consultant, E.D. Michael and Associates, of Malibu, California. 

From September 1966 to September 1970, he was employed in the Republic of Viet Nam.  Until 1968, he was head of the Hydrolo­gy Department of Pope, Evans and Robbins Internation­al, Ltd., a New York firm of architects and engineers involved in the development of Air Force bases.  Thereafter, he was employed by the Control Data Corporation as a consultant in earth sciences to the Science Advisor, Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Viet Nam. 

In 1971, he resumed work as a private consultant in engi­neering geology with emphasis on the study of geologic hazards, particu­larly slope stability, in hydrogeology, and in forensics.  In the former field, he is frequently called upon to evaluate residen­tial property during the process of title transfer. 
In the field of forensic geology, Mr. Michael acts as a consultant to attorneys in preparation for lawsuits and as an expert witness in civil suites and arbitration hearings.  He frequently makes presentations in public hearings required under the Cali­fornia Environmental Qua­lity Act, the California Coastal Act, and in hearings before local public agency planning bodies.  He was the principal geotech­nical consultant for No Oil, Inc. during its extended campaign against the Occiden­tal Petroleum Corpora­tion's efforts to explore for oil in the Pacific Palisades, and he was an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants in the lawsuit concerning the Big Rock Mesa landslide, reputedly the most important legal action of its type in the country to date.
Mr. Michael has had extensive experience in hydrogeology.  His earlier work in this field, for about two years, was as a Junior Engineering Geologist for the California Division of Water Resources and then as an as an Assistant Engineering Geologist for the California Division of Highways.  As a private consultant, he has undertaken detailed ground‑water studies of the Tehachapi Valley for the Tehachapi Soil Conservation District and of Hidden Valley in the Santa Monica Mountains for the Hidden Valley Association.  While in Viet Nam, from September, 1966 through September 1970, he was for two years project manager and chief geologist in the preparation of detailed ground‑water studies of the U.S. Air Force installations at Da Nang and Cam Ranh Bay for Pope, Evans and Robbins, Int., and later for two years a geology consultant on the staff of the Science Advisor, Commanding General Staff, Military Assistance Command, Viet Nam.

During 1984 ‑1986, in association with D.A. Evans and Associates, Geotechnical Engineers, he was the principal geologist studying the Big Rock Mesa landslide.  In connection therewith, he designed and supervised the installation of the system of water wells and hydraugers that initially dewatered the Big Rock Mesa landslide sufficiently to arrest its movement.   Currently, he consults with various clients interested in developing ground water in the Santa Monica Mountains and has was for 30 years a consultant to the Yerba Buena Water Company located in eastern Ventura County in the Santa Monica Mountains where his duties included technical management of the company wells and testing of the system.